In 1967, thanks to the collaboration of:

Rene' Olivares, Eugenio Garcia, Stefano Leoni and John Flores (yourstruly),

was born...

The talents of four artists, a painter,
a graphic designer and two photographers,
at the cutting edge of the times...

Living as communal family reflecting different cultures

living together, we impacted the local (Roman) scene enough

for a national magazine (Ciao 2001)

to run a feature article about us in 1969.

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Photograph by Fabio Ciriachi

A lot of our accomplishments were with

The Piper Club of Rome.

Promotional posters and flyers...

Stage costumes for the band 'The Pipers'

A record cover for an LP by the same group.

RCA/ARC Piper Club label - 1967




We also collaborated with Emanuela Moroli, editor of the
national youth magazine, "Ciao 2001', creating a sheet that
an insert of the magazine, called 'HIP'.
(Rome's 1st 'Underground' paper.)

HIP spawned many new sheets in the Roman 'counterculture'

with names like 'Il Manifesto', 'La Comune', 'Mother'

(later changed to 'Madria'), and many others.

These papers consisted of a long one sided print, folded
accordion style to create pages. Using the architects preferred
printing method of 'Blueprint', which made copies from a
black and white original, in either of three colors: navy blue,
amber brown, or black. This method of reproduction was
relatively cheap compared to Process printing ...




Amauta Shilom Page 1

Amauta Shilom Page 2

Amauta Shilom Page 3

Me, working on page 4.

Page 4 was sold to OZ Magazine (London), and
Page 5 to International Times (London) in 1969,
both were never published. .



Amauta Shilom , a unique experience that unfortunately
lasted only two years, until my departure for the US in 1971.
It created life-long friendships that still manage to keep
in touch, even though continents apart.




Photographs by Stefano Leoni and Eugenio Garcia