In 2000, Ashbury Tobacco Center owner Mark Zeidan commissioned me to decorate his 1969 Beetle.

(click on each image below for larger view)

Starting in May 2000, I began by masking off all the trim on all four fenders and on the hood, and proceeded to
airbrush the main rainbow background. Also airbrushed a tie-dyed swirl on each door. Then came the brush work...
Both doors got the official logo design, layered over the swirl, then came the white clouds and the gold
streaming lines
... Using outdoor enamel paints, often applying two/three coats... of course the
Peace Symbol and the Heart, the street sign and the flowers, a smiling sun with sunglasses...
the business' URL under the side rear windows and a repeat of the logo and street sign on the hood.
A rainbow stripe framing the roof and back door.