In 1978 the

came together for the first Streetfaire,
advertised with a poster by artist David Wills.

In 1979, for
the 2nd Annual Streetfair, a Poster Contest was launched...
My entry was the first winner...

In 1980 I hand airbrushed 150
t-shirts that were given to the
Volunteers helping out the day
of the 3rd Annual Streetfaire,

designed the first in a
string of Backstage Passes,

and also designed the poster
to the right, for a show at
The Soft Touch Gallery
(Now Long Gone)....

In 1981
for the 4th Annual Streetfair

Volunteers shirt design Second design sold at the fair

In 1983 (6th Annual)
my second contest winner

The same year I created this t-shirt design
to match the poster and sold it at the fair...

Silkscreened black on white shirts, then airbrushed
with purple and green - 200 printed and sold...

This design was so popular that I adapted it and
re-printed it and sold it the two following years
(see below)

In 2007 I went ahead and colored the original image to see
what it might have looked like had I printed it full color

This full color version has never
been printed or sold.

Volunteer T-shirt design

1984 In 1984 and '85, unfortunately there was no poster contest held due to lack of funds... there was going to be no poster period, only flyers.
I stepped up and volunteered
a poster design.

Design that I went ahead and printed 100 copies of,
black on pink paper (the 7th), and hand silscreened 150, five color posters (the 8th).

Both are rare, and I have
the originals.


In 1986 I created the
signature logo as a black and white image. I subsequently altered it and made it into a full color design which I printed
100 T-shirts of and sold
them at the fair.
The new color version of the logo was much more eye appealing and the Streetfair had black silk jackets embroidered for the board of directors. (mine has long since faded but my wife's is
still in pristeen shape).


This design is usually printed in a specific color palette for the volunteers t-shirts (people helping the day of the fair).
It is available for sale in it's full-color glory at the Streetfair booth at Haight and Ashbury, every year the day of the fair
and on their website. Available also at Haight Ashbury T-Shirts - 1500 Haight Street.

Then in 1989 (12th Annual)
my third contest winner

1990 T-Shirt Design



To the right, a cover design
I made for an insert in the
Bay Guardian - 1992

In 1996
I entered the Contest with a computer-generated collage:

A Hieronimus Bosch background plastered with photos of everybody involved in the
development and continued functioning of the fair, plus cultural, pop and cartoon icons...
and 3-D lettering, one of my favorites (I think of it as my version of the Sgt. Pepper
album cover)... too bad it didn't win...

And finally in 1997

my fourth and last contest winner: the 20th Anniversary poster,
(which I originally designed in 1982 as a Fifth Annual Poster, a black & white image
that I subsequently scanned, colorised and manipulated to include a small
caricature of myself and my previous winning posters (in one of the booths in the scene) and more......

The Streetfaire also sold the 20th poster printed on t-shirts.

My entry to the 2002 Poster Contest:

made the finalists.

My 2 entries to the 2004 Poster Contest:

also made the finalists.

Poster designed for the 2007 contest but not entered:

My entry for the 2008 Poster Contest:

made the finalists.

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