Giancarlo J. Flores

Italian born, raised in East Africa, Spain , and Italy .

Attended the Rome Institute of Art in the mid sixties, specializing in posters and lettering.
Produced graphics for the Piper Club of Rome in 1966, and was instrumental in the creation
of Rome's first collaborative 'Underground' newspaper "Mother" in 1968.
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Living in the U.S. since 1971. Naturalized citizen since 1991.

Lived and worked in New York City first in the advertising field, as an Art Director, then in the textile industry as textile artist.
Moved to San Francisco in 1976, and in 1978 was involved with the newly formed First Annual Haight~Ashbury Streetfair and
many Haight Street merchants, designing many logos, lettering awnings and windows, and several murals.

Proficient artist working in many mediums, including watercolours, acrylics, papermache', collage, clay, & much more.
Sells original paintings as well as high quality, signed and numbered prints of hs work.

Started working with computers in the early '90s, adding to the variety of tools used in the production and reproduction of his art.
Went online in 1996.
(See Resume...), and other illustration and animation art.

As his alternate ego "Jobo" the clown, he has performed with Bethuzala and Mookie ... putting on shows for kids birthday parties.
The act consisted of skits, musical sing-alongs, magic acts and balloon animals...

SSI & PADI Certified Scubadiver since 1997, love to travel (See Trekking in Nepal).

In 2017 he relocated to Orlando, Florida, where he currently resides.

Happily, devotedly and

gratefully married to

Elizabeth (Beth),

my significant other since

1980 and wife since 1993.



Proud father of two

beautiful daughters,

Vanessa and Maga.

Grandpa and nonno

to Parker.